The cervical mucus is influenced by the hormones in your body and changes its consistency. Essentially, there are the following distinctions:

  • no cervical mucus

  • creamy cervical mucus

  • glassy / egg-white-like / stretchy cervical mucus

The closer you get to ovulation, the more oestrogen is produced by the maturing egg and the more glassy, spinnable  and egg-white-like your cervical mucus becomes.

You can start observing the cervical mucus directly in the morning after removing the trackle. Pay attention to what you feel, see and sense. Enter your observation directly into the trackle app. Now you can see your current fertility status in the turquoise tab of the trackle app.

The quality of cervical mucus varies not only over the course of a cycle – it can change throughout the day as well. So it is important to monitor it several times a day.

Our tip: before each visit to the toilet, wipe your vaginal entrance with a clean finger or a piece of toilet paper and check whether you find cervical mucus and how it feels and looks. 

When monitoring cervical mucus, you can also use the cervical mucus that you find on your sensor. If you decide to do this, then it is important to do every day and still check several times a day, for example when going to the toilet, whether the quality of the cervical mucus has changed.

If you notice your cervical mucus quality has improved later in the day, correct your information directly in the app and then check your fertility status again. Always enter the best observed quality of the day.

Here is a link to our website with the exact explanation on cervical mucus.

And here are two videos about cervical mucus:

We have also created a trackinar on cervical mucus.