In order for trackle to evaluate, the following two conditions must be met:

  1. a cervical-mucus peak has occurred, meaning cervical mucus of very good quality (especially clear, sticky and stretchy) followed by three days with cervical mucus of significantly lower quality. Your personal cervical mucus development is decisive here. It does not necessarily have to reach s+.

  2. A temperature peak has occurred, meaning the temperature was higher on at least three consecutive days than on the previous six days. The third highest temperature value must be at least 0.2°C higher than on the previous six days.

If both conditions are met, trackle can evaluate in the evening (after 18:00 UTC - this corresponds to 20:00 in summer and 19:00 in winter). Here you can learn more about the evaluation of trackle.

If you want us to, we’ll take a look at your data. If it’s ok with you, please send us a screenshot of the yellow tab in the app, where it says “SensorId” to and write a brief message saying that we are allowed to look at your data.