This video shows you step by step how to transmit your data.

If you have an Android phone, it is important that you allow the trackle app to access your location info. So please check your phone settings and see if permission is given under Apps. In addition, you must also switch on your location (GPS) BEFORE you transfer the data.

The steps for data transmission are as follows:

  1. Take the sensor from the box. It should flash three times briefly.
  2. Open the app, navigate to the yellow tab and see if it says “Ready to synchronise”.
  3. Place the sensor in the box. It should flash twice briefly.
  4. Wait until the display in the yellow tab changes to “Transmitting data”.
  5. Do not move your smartphone or the sensor, do not switch to a different app, and wait until the display turns back to “Ready to synchronise”.
  6. If the times of checking and transmission are both current, then everything worked. Your data has been transmitted!