Most trackle customers don’t feel the sensor at all – like a tampon, it is no longer noticeable once it is inserted deeply enough. Also, the sensor is encased in medical-grade silicone, which reduces friction to a minimum compared to a tampon. We have also found that wearing the sensor comfortably is a matter of getting used to it. Nevertheless, we have a few tricks that should make wearing the sensor as comfortable as possible for you!

  • Try inserting the sensor so that it sits behind your pubic bone – so about a finger’s depth. That way you can be sure the trackle does not rub the sensitive vaginal entrance.
  • Try using some MultiGyn Actigel or Vagisan to insert the sensor. We have tested both of those products thoroughly for material compatibility – you can use them safely! With this support, it “slides” a bit better and can move about more inside your vagina. 

If you experience pain while wearing the trackle sensor, please remove it and consult your gynaecologist!