There are various reasons why you may find very little to no cervical mucus in general.

First of all, it is perfectly normal not to find cervical mucus on some days of your cycle – for example, in the first half of your cycle, right after your period.

We recommend that you check your cervical mucus several times a day to familiarise yourself with your individual cervical mucus pattern. Our tip: Before each visit to the toilet, wipe your vaginal entrance with a clean finger or a piece of toilet paper and check for cervical mucus.

When monitoring cervical mucus, you can also use the cervical mucus that you find on your sensor. If you decide to do this, then it is important to do so every day and still check several times a day, for example when going to the toilet, whether the quality of the cervical mucus has changed.

If you cannot find any cervical mucus throughout your cycle, there may be a hormonal imbalance or other bodily processes that are affected. Insufficient fluid intake can also affect cervical mucus.

Please contact your gynaecologist to find out what the cause might be.

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