No, it is not possible to share trackle with a friend or to pass it on. We will explain to you why this is so important.

trackle is a medical device and has been designed so that it can only be used by one person. Hence, it can neither be shared nor passed on to someone else.

Since trackle is a certified medical device and hygiene product, a trackle sensor may only be used by one user. Using it with or passing it on to another person is prohibited and explicitly excluded in the instructions for use. 

The reasons for this are as follows: Apart from the existing risk of infection, the system does not work for two users at the same time. For one thing, a trackle sensor can only be paired with an app account once in its lifetime.

Secondly, the data of two different users would be mixed if the sensor were to be paired with the account of another user. This means that the calculation bases for the fertile period can no longer be used and the contraceptive reliability of the system is no longer guaranteed. 

As a result, there is a risk of becoming pregnant unintentionally.

Disregarding this and passing on an already used trackle to a third party is considered a breach of contract, as this is a use contrary to the intended purpose. As a consequence, the account of the affected sensor will be blocked immediately.

Please note, if you buy a trackle from a private person: It should always be in its original packaging (sealed bag around sensor undamaged) and should never have been paired with another trackle app account, so that you can use it safely.

Feel free to contact our support team at if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you.