We take the issue of sustainability very seriously. With a service lifespan of 2 years (2.5 years for the new generation trackles), an average of 3.7 grams (or 3 grams for 2.5 years) of waste is produced per month. By comparison, the plastic waste produced by a toothpaste tube averages 10.75 grams. Feel free to compare this value with alternative products and think about whether trackle makes sense for you from an ecological point of view.

About the battery: Since trackle is a certified medical device, we have to adhere to certain standards and guidelines. We have chosen a battery that meets the quality standards. For safety reasons, we cannot replace the battery of the trackle sensor when it is flat, because we would have to destroy the outer shell of the trackle to do that. You can dispose of your old sensor along with other electronic waste at appropriate collection points in your area or send it back to us. We will then dispose of it properly for you.

PS: Are you wondering whether your sensor has a 24 or 30 month service lifespan? All trackles delivered by us from the 2nd of November 2022 onwards are sensors of the new generation. If you have purchased your trackle from one of our partner shops or are unsure - please contact us (info@trackle.de) and we will help you.