trackle evaluates according to the rules of the symptothermal method and needs information on cervical mucus and a cervical mucus peak in addition to the temperature peak. 

In concrete terms: The cervical mucus symptom also follows a curve – in this context we call it “quality”. There has to be at least one cervical mucus peak, meaning a high-quality entry (f, s, or s+), during a cycle, followed by three days with lower quality. The more liquid and stretchy, the cervical mucus, the higher the quality, because this kind of mucus is what makes sure the sperms are comfortable, well nourished and can move around easily. The cervical mucus peak is independent of the temperature curve (but usually coincides).

That means: without entries on cervical mucus in the app, trackle does not evaluate at all. 

You can start observing the cervical mucus directly in the morning after removing the trackle. Pay attention to what you feel, see and sense. Enter your observation directly into the trackle app. Now you can see your current fertility status in the turquoise tab of the trackle app.

Since your cervical mucus can change throughout the day, it is important to monitor it several times a day.

Our tip: Simply wipe your vaginal entrance with a clean finger or a piece of toilet paper before each visit to the toilet and check whether you find cervical mucus.

If you notice later in the day that your cervical mucus quality has improved, correct your information directly in the app and then check your fertility status again.

Here is a link to our website with exact explanations of the abbreviations for the cervical mucus entry (you’ll also find the exact explanations in your app). 

Click here for a video about cervical mucus.

And here’s an explanation of how trackle evaluates