Thanks to some technical optimizations, we were able to extend the trackle service life of the new generation to a total of 30 months (guaranteed service life). This applies to all sensors delivered directly through our trackle store from November 02, 2022. Sensors produced before this date have a guaranteed service life of 24 months. Within this time, we will of course replace defective sensors free of charge. 

The guaranteed useful life starts from the first commissioning (= 1st pairing). Before that, the trackle sensor can be stored for up to 2 years. How long your trackle can be used in total is stated in your user manual.

In either case, the sensor will not simply switch off: you will be notified by the app some time before the sensor expires, so that you know when you should purchase a new sensor in order to continue measuring seamlessly.

PS: Wondering if your sensor has a 24 or 30 month lifespan? All trackles delivered by us from 02nd of November 2022 onwards are sensors of the new generation. If you have purchased your trackle from one of our partner shops or are unsure - please contact us ( and we will help you.